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We're very proud of the accomplishments of our dogs and are grateful for the dedication of their wonderful owners.
AKC/ASCA CH Laurelhills Cut to ThuChase, CD ,  BN, CGCA
GCH Pointed
Co-Owned with Kelsey Messacar
Laurelhills Holly Blue, CGC, TDI, PT, JHD
Co-Owned with Brian Schneidmiller
CH Laurelhills Sweet Emotion, CAX, OFP, NAP, NJP, GS-N
Multiple BOB, Group Winning
Co-Owned with Mary French
MACH Laurelhills Sonnet's Song, CAX, RS-O, JS-O, JS-VE, GS-O, MXB, MJB, OF, NW1
Owned by Mary French
Laurelhills Rustic Sun, CGC, JS-N
Owned by Sheryl Pickering
Photo by Heidi Erland
Laurelhills Lil Ms Can't Bwrong, JS-O RS-N
Owned by Sandy Schneiter
AKC CH Laurelhills Karmas Moon, CGC, RN
Jr's Dog Co-Owned with Amy Altom
ASCA / AKC GCH Laurelhills Believe In Karma
AKC CH Laurelhills Playin Stylish CGC
AKC/ASCA CH Laurelhills Limited Edition DNA-VP, CGC, RN, CD, NA, NAJ, RS-N, HSAs, STDs
CH Laurelhills A Place In The Sun, DNA-VP, RA, CD, HIT, JS-O, RS-O, GS-N, NF, AX, AXJ, HSAs, STDs
ASCA / AKC CH Laurelhills Silver Lining
Laurelhills  Bella of Guillimot Cove, GV-O-SP JV-E RV-O-OP RSDA-O RSDA-E GSDA-E JSDA-E
Owned by Bob Issi
Laurelhills Easy Rider, CD
Owned by Sandy Harris
CH Laurelhills Dancing in the Dark
CH Laurelhills Apprentice, RI, CGC
Owned by Kim Gay
WTCH ASCA/AKC CH Laurelhills Extravagance ATDds, OTDc, HIAsd
Owned by Lisa McCann
GCH Blue Isle Time With Tell at Laurelhills
Owned by Barb Hager, Lisa McCann
GCH Laurelhills Keep the Change CGC
CH Laurelhills Propwash Chickadee
Owned by Leslie Frank, Judy Harrington & Nancy Gaffney
GCH Pacific's On Point at Laurelhills
Owned by Deborah Hendrickson & Lisa McCann
Laurelhills Cooper Dream Come True. AX, OAJ, NAJ, SWN, SIA, SEA, SBA CGC
Owned by Janettte Mathis
Laurelhills One Toe Over the Line OA, AJX
Owned by Mary French
Laurelhills Freedom To Be, HSAs, STDs
Owned by Cindy Jennings
CH Laurelhills Chase What Matters
Laurehills After Midnight
CH Laurehills Luminier, CGC, ACT1, RN
Laurehills Highland Galeic Worrier, STDs